What is a Public Adjuster and who is DN?

The Licensed Public Adjuster

I Public Adjuster is licensed to represent you on an insurance claim. Because of the insurance companies' biased claim decisions, the need for Public Adjuster representation arises frequently. Claims are completely denied on a frequent basis. You are not alone. Do not trust the insurance companies adjuster and sometimes even your contractor may side with your insurance company due to a lack of experience. 

A public adjuster is licensed to make represention in your interest on your insurance claim. The public adjuster will inspect the claim and add estimate items that are missing in your estimate, and bring the value of your claim higher.He/she will also be able to interpret policy language in your favor. Many time your contractor will need our services to get the claim amount they need to repair the property to professional standards.

Hello, I have been in the home construction and improvement industry for over 10 years. My primary area of expertise was in the repair and remodeling of residential homes.

I spent some years in the Residential Restoration area, that led me to study the area of homeowners insurance policies, in order to better serve my clients. I learned the claim industry from the inside as an independent adjuster for the insurance companies. So I am familiar with the claims process. Later I obtained my Public Adjuster license and found a good passion helping property owners get what they need from their insurance claim. I would like the opportunity to represent you on your insurance claim. Thank you.

Tx Public Adjuster lic#: 2352788