• David Negrila

Deny, Delay, Diminish, Inside the biased Insurance Claim System

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Large Insurance Companies know the game of using their personal opinions to satisfy their profit taking at the claims department. Getting in contact with the licensed experts and getting the right claim advice and representation and inspection service will put ahead of other property owners that have had their claims denied, delayed, diminished.

As reconstruction professional in the industry, I have noted more than many times how much contractors needs can be diminished in the Restoration Estimates in the restoration industry. Yet, nothing is worst in the insurance claim industry than a full restoration claim being denied in full. This occurs on a frequent basis. Claims above 1 million dollars many times when fully denied.
Delaying: Working as an independent adjuster with the insurance companies, I have seen the tactics of the insurance companies. I have worked on claims were the claim was represented by the public adjuster, on those claims I have received word from my superiors saying, "It's a Public Adjuster claim, you can take your time with this one" So Public Adjusters are discriminated against by independent adjusters. Many TWIA and NFIP claimants have passed away waiting for their claim check that they never received.
Denial is not something that the insurance companies don't like to shy from. They feel that profits are at the basis of their actions. There are many roof claims and other property claims that get denied that were not properly interpreted in coverage as far as the policy language. In many states adjusters are not licensed personnel and do not even have nearly enough experience for interpreting policy language.
Diminishing: Florida hurricanes, inexperience adjusters are favored many times over the well experienced construction professionals The Reason: diminishing: Desk adjusters have more control the inexperienced adjusters as they are able to cut line items out of the estimate and photos out of the report. Desk Adjusters own the file while the one's in the field are just eyes and ears of the desk adjusters. Yet, the field adjuster does not have final say over the claim report.

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