• David Negrila

4 Facts: Hail Damage and Your Property Policy

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

The homeowner in the picture had their hail damage claim wrongfully denied. Call the right expert to get your damages from hail property covered. David Negrila Public Adjuster 2108120992

Fact 1: The insurance industry uses tactics that are not in the contract language of the policy. Haag engineers are sent on some of these roofs to verify "structural" damage to your shingles and stop coverage, while even cosmetic damages on other parts of the roof such as the flashings. Even structural damages to the shingles many times are not covered by the insurance companies, because of the biased approach that the companies take against their insured.
Fact 2: Insurance companies diminish the value of Roofing estimates by taking away line items that they know the roofing company may need.
Fact 3: On Hail losses many additional items are left out as a result of the adjuster lack of care, or the intentional biases that come from the internal claim system of the insurance companies.
Fact 4: All damaged to roofs are reported by home inspectors at the time that buyers of homes hire an inspection that they are entitled to have done to your property. This will play against your properties appraisal value and the buyer will have leverage against you for the amount of the repair of your roof and other sustained damages.

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